The key ingredient to your successful Christmas corporate event with Santa Claus is indeed having Santa Claus there for the fun! There is nothing more precious at a corporate Christmas event than Santa Claus with children, or Santa with your employees. Every employee with relive their childhood as they gather and interact safely around Santa.  The pictures will last for years to come, but the memories will last even longer!  Santa corporate visits are available this season while staying safe and distanced. Santa, with the help of his elves, have built a Santa Shield to help keep everybody safe.  Santa Shane comes to you with a real Santa Claus suit, and a real Santa beard, a real Santa mask.  While Santa in the sleigh is a sight only seen on Christmas Eve (it is so tough to park in company parking lots!), you can be sure Santa will take every precaution to keep you and your employees safe. 

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Santa Claus with a Real Beard travels from Madison, Wisconsin to Milwaukee Wisconsin, and areas in-between. Start planning now for your next corporate event with Santa

You may like to invite Santa Shane to your next Company Party, Corporate Event, Holiday Event, and Festival – Madison to Milwaukee.

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You might also like to invite Santa Shane to Visit your employee’s families Virtually this Christmas Season:

Virtual company packages available

Disappointed that your employee’s can’t celebrate together this Christmas Season? Santa Shane can Visit Virtually. Yes, with the Great Success of Zoom, we can have a Virtual Christmas Party. 

Available anywhere in the United States.

Santa Shane has been Visiting groups via the internet Since 2008.

Whether you’d like a one on one visit, or a group, fill out the form below for an in-person visit.

Family Gathering or Company Party 40 minutes

$235 for a 40 minute visit
Plus $35 Trip Charge.
10 children or more. Some dates or times may be higher priced as demand goes up.

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Holiday Event or Festival

$335 for a 1 hour visit
Plus $35 Trip Charge.
As many children as possible. Some dates or times may be higher priced as demand goes up.

Santa is one of the Best party guests. Click Here to Book NOW!

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