Call real Santa Claus Festive Virtual Visits

Christmas and Santa go together like macaroni and cheese.  As a parent or guardian, you likely grew up with Christmas Santa visits. Are you unable to go visit Santa Claus with children, due to social distancing?  Call real Santa Claus, and he is available to visit you and your Child virtually!  Not just anyone can be a virtual Santa Claus. This is NOT just a phone number to call Santa Claus; this is a real Santa Claus interacting live with your children in real time from the safety of your home via Zoom. 

Call real Santa Claus – If Grandparents or other family members live far away, they can join in on the video chat with Zoom.  How fun will it be for Grandma or Grandpa to see the excitement on your children’s faces when they sit in on this virtual visit and call real Santa Claus?   They too can join in on the video call and watch as Santa visits your home virtually through Zoom. Please make sure to download Zoom before your virtual visit with Santa.

From the Comfort of your Home - Call Real Santa Claus

Stay right in your home and Santa will video chat with you and your children.

Do you have family spread across the world? No problem, they too can join in on the video call and watch as Santa has a home visit.

Santa uses the Zoom platform to connect with you and we can host up to five different locations at once. 

Virtual Home Visit – Standard Visit

Off-Peak Time Tuesday through Thursday - 9am to 11am

December 1st through December 10th

This Part of the Season is OVER Please select a Date and time below.



Recorded Sesion Description 
Live video chat with Santa tailor made for each recipient. The live chat will feature Santa with your Child/ren. The video will be recorded and a link of the video will be sent to you for your family album of memories in years to come. 

All videos are recorded and are made available for secure download 48 hours after your visit with Santa. With this great keepsake, you allow yourself to relive the memorable moment in the years to come 

Virtual Home Visit – Premier Visit -- Includes Recorded Sesion

December 11th through December 23rd Peak Time 11am to 8pm

When Available

Click any of the calendars below, and Schedule your Upgraded Virtual Visit

Bookings must be made 24 hours in advance

5 minute Premier Virtual Visit - $105

10 minute Premier Virtual Visit – $135

15 minute Premier Virtual Visit – $175


Christmas and Santa


    • Christmas and Santa are the two major ingredients to a magical Christmas.
    • Christmas and Santa live in the hearts of every person who has ever wished for something under the tree at Christmastime.

Real Santa Claus


    • This real Santa Claus will make your event merry and bright.
    • Put Christmas in your heart this holiday season with this real Santa Claus at your event.

Christmas Santa Visits


    • Christmas Santa visits do not need to be in person. Schedule your virtual visit today!
    • The wonder of the Christmas season is fulfilled with Christmas Santa visits

Santa Claus with children


    • Seeing Santa Claus with children puts the magic into any Christmas event.
    • The wonder of the Christmas season begins by witnessing Santa Claus with children.